Treasury Prime for Fintechs

The best way to partner with a bank.

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Our Team

A partner to help you navigate the banking world.

You know technology. We know technology. And we know banking. For two years, our founders ran the API Fintech team at Silicon Valley Bank and partnered with over 100 fintechs—we know the ins and outs of what it takes to build a lasting partnership with a bank.

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Treasury Prime
We couldn’t have moved this fast with any other solution in the industry.

– Elizabeth Proehl, YC Research

Our Product

The most comprehensive banking API ever.

Treasury Prime gives you direct access to core banking services through our developer-first API. We’ve integrated directly with our partner banks’ core systems so that you can start building innovative, secure, and compliant financial services immediately.

Open and manage bank accounts, issue branded debit cards, transfer money by ACH and wires, and much more. Do it all at scale using our simple and comprehensive API.

Open accounts

Issue debit cards

Transfer by ACH

Send wire transfers

Remote deposit checks

Transfer between accounts

Set up bill pay

Check balances

View transaction history

Your Benefits

Be on a first name basis with your banker.

Unlike solutions that are an intermediary between you and a bank, Treasury Prime wants you to have a direct relationship with your banker.

Need to handle an exception? Call your bank directly. Need advice about risk or compliance? Call your bank directly.

We're here to facilitate a banking partnership, not obstruct it.

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Start building innovative financial services immediately.

We’ve built the integrations for you. Work with a single secure and compliant API to quickly create and manage best-in-class, FDIC insured accounts for your customers.

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5x reduction in complexity and expense.

Our comprehensive platform is integrated with our banking partners’ core services, giving you automated access to: money transfers via ACH and wires; bill pay; debit card issuing; account balances; transaction history; and remote deposit.

You get a ready-made solution to integrate with a banking partner that is 5x faster and cheaper than taking it on yourself.

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example API call

The Process

Here's how it works.

We introduce you to one of our banking partners and give you sandbox keys to demo our API platform.

When you and the bank agree that it’s a good match, the bank will give you a proposal. From here you negotiate the terms directly with the bank, after which the bank will issue a letter of intent.

Once you partner with the bank, you can start to implement your vision for your customers using Treasury Prime. We’ll issue you API keys and you can start building new products right away.

Our API docs are available 24x7, and your assigned customer success manager is here to answer all your questions.

We'll introduce a banking partner.

Agree with your bank on a letter of intent.