The easiest way to integrate with your bank.

For Banks

Automate your back office operations.

Treasury Prime's technology platform can help you automate your operational processes to both lower costs and improve customer experience.

  • Instant digital onboarding

    Open new customer accounts in minutes, not hours.
  • Integrated KYC compliance

    Keep your regulators happy without slowing down your business.
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For Corporations

Streamline your financial operations.

Modernize your banking relationship. Your ops team has better things to do than emailing spreadsheets back and forth with your bankers.

  • APIs for every banking operation
    No more spreadsheets and phone calls.
  • Fastest way to integrate with a bank
    Just because your bank still uses a mainframe doesn't mean you should too.
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For Developers

Banking as infrastructure.

Modern HTTP APIs make it simple to integrate with your bank. Don't waste time fighting with your bank's legacy infrastructure and get back to writing your app.

$ curl -u $api_key:$api_secret \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
"account_id": "acct_1234567890",
"amount": "100.00",
"counterparty_id": "cp_0987654321",
"direction": "credit",
"sec_code": "ccd"
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