Our mission is to modernize the entire banking tech stack.

Our Team

Using modern technology to fix banking has been our mission for 5 years now.

We were recently featured in American Banker (this PYMNTS article is ok if you don't have an AB subscription) and Techcrunch picked us as a favorite Demo Day startup.

We're the team behind Standard Treasury and the Silicon Valley Bank API Banking Platform which forms the backend for Stripe Atlas - we're the experts in this space.

We're also thoughtful technologists who value engineering and product excellence who (very surprising to us) have managed to become bankers ourselves.

If you're a bank

Our plan is to modernize the entire banking tech stack, and bring this industry into the 21st century.

Too many banks are being squeezed by a consolidating market and a rapidly changing customer base. We are partnering with the most innovative banks to help them (and us) achieve success while others are left behind.

As technologists and former bankers ourselves we know the challenges banks face and we're here to help.

If you're a Developer or a Corporation

By upgrading the bank tech stack we make it easy to do something that has historically been very hard: automate all the back-offices and apps out there that want to a banking partner, but just can't find one to meet their needs.

We integrate directly with a bank's Core Banking System (think of it like the master ledger) and can provide services that others cannot.

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