Empowering banks.

Our approach to Open Banking drastically reduces the costs and servicing time for new and existing clients.

Our modular approach to Onboarding means that procedures can be customized based on varying customer acquisition channels, while maintaining or improving on compliance objective achievement. We can integrate with your existing infrastructure, or help you simplify it. It’s your process, optimized.

Instant Digital Onboarding (IDO) is a fully end-to-end automated interface for acquiring new clients and opening bank accounts. With built-in KYC/AML compliance, your bank can quickly onboard thousands of new clients at near-zero cost, just like Stripe Atlas.

  • Decrease the time it takes to open a new bank account from 3 days, to 3 minutes
  • Rules engine to automate the back office of a bank
  • Audit trail for every account and KYC review
  • Complete API to connect banks and their clients
  • On-demand and cost effective

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